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It is my understanding that the elegant graceful undulations of a jellyfish are not generated by a brain.   They have none.


Our Everything

Everything we think about is the birth (or rebirth) and cultivation – an invitation and manifestation – of a new (or recycled) reality.   To become ascended Masters, we must first master our thoughts, otherwise they only continue to be our masters.

These may or may not be my own words, as this knowledge is the ancient understanding of the Law of Attraction, also known as the Law of Resonance.   The truth in them has nothing – and everything – to do with Me.   However, what I am able to do with this basis of all possibilities is my purpose.

The effects our thoughts have on the physical universe are not yet taught on a socially useful scale, and are more often discouraged on a grander scale.   We can heal ourselves with gratitude.    We can perform miracles with our heart connection to the Source of all things, for we are part of that very source, just as it is part of each of us.

Not understanding how miracles occur is symptomatic of our greatest racial challenge.

The evolution from the limiting and attachment driven state of selfishness. along with all the pain and disfunction it generates, to the universally liberating state of selflessness and the yet rarely experienced state of synchronous well being it creates, has depended on our having seemingly endless experiences of pain.   The Divine, and the Ascended Masters (who have mostly been folks like you and me) hold no judgement toward our unconscious actions, but may be wondering just how much of it we really need to rejoin them.

Our individual uniqueness is perhaps our greatest gift, secondary only to our core unity.   Of course we shall figure this all out in our infinitely unique ways as we inevitably evolve out of the preoccupation that were are somehow separate, or more important than anything else.

Soon would be nice.

EdenWold Update

In the trilogy, EdenWold, which I began in 2011, somewhere in book 3, EdenWold: Tales from the New Earth, ‘Worlds Without End’,  Faith the unicorn,Ebon the Pegasus, Jesus, 12 of his Anasazi friends, and Dragon Air’s entire entourage, are about to depart Chaco Canyon for a similar place in Kazakhstan, called Charyn Canyon, where they will meet a pair of conjoined Muslim twins who share one heart and were the last humans on AuldWold to awaken, completing the critical mass necessary for Gaia’s ascension…..

Writing this narrative is probably my most joyful channeling experience.    It comes in in complete 3D, including sight, sound, and smell.   I hope to have it completed in the first half of 2019.

Happy Thanksgiving!


What’s in a name?

I was having one of those moments I could feel in my solar receiver area, that a revelation was practically ready to drip off my tongue.     There came not a drop, not even the first letter or shape of a word.

But better yet, there came a voice in my head  that said, “You already know it.     When you stop needing to give it a name, you will be closer.”

To give something a name does place a unique and powerful limitation upon that being named, with the limitation part outweighing the uniqueness.     This is only significant in a universe where everything is simply a unique aspect of the same thing.   Like the universe we are part of.

All naming implies and imparts a unique ‘separateness’.      When we dwell on the ‘differences’ that constitute aspects of our unity with all things, we tend to devalue, and therefore forget, our sacred totality.

For me, the learning by naming began with my earliest memories:  wanting to know the name of every wildflower in the woods near our house.    Things like Jack-in-the-pulpit, Blue eyed Mary, Solomon’s seal, and Bloodroot.    It seems, in a way, with the natural world at least, that with the names we give things we are imparting some finite aspect of our own humanity.

What if everything was only identified consciously by its appearance, sound, smell, color, texture, possible purpose, or ability to respond, without any kind of judgement or valuation?      It would probably be hard to write about without words.

I’m not sure if that was the elusive revelation or not.