What’s in a name?

I was having one of those moments I could feel in my solar receiver area, that a revelation was practically ready to drip off my tongue.     There came not a drop, not even the first letter or shape of a word.

But better yet, there came a voice in my head  that said, “You already know it.     When you stop needing to give it a name, you will be closer.”

To give something a name does place a unique and powerful limitation upon that being named, with the limitation part outweighing the uniqueness.     This is only significant in a universe where everything is simply a unique aspect of the same thing.   Like the universe we are part of.

All naming implies and imparts a unique ‘separateness’.      When we dwell on the ‘differences’ that constitute aspects of our unity with all things, we tend to devalue, and therefore forget, our sacred totality.

For me, the learning by naming began with my earliest memories:  wanting to know the name of every wildflower in the woods near our house.    Things like Jack-in-the-pulpit, Blue eyed Mary, Solomon’s seal, and Bloodroot.    It seems, in a way, with the natural world at least, that with the names we give things we are imparting some finite aspect of our own humanity.

What if everything was only identified consciously by its appearance, sound, smell, color, texture, possible purpose, or ability to respond, without any kind of judgement or valuation?      It would probably be hard to write about without words.

I’m not sure if that was the elusive revelation or not.



Keeping in Touch


Several nights earlier, from a lower elevation.

Sitting high on Mt,. Burdell in the dark, waiting for the waxing yet still bright moon to appear; the view is of my neighborhood of San Marin in the near foreground, a string of bright pearls moving north and one of luminous rubies going south (which are Highway 101), then a dark horizontal line that is San Pablo Bay, and a thin horizon of twinkling lights that are Richmond and San Pablo in the East Bay.    And then mostly sky.

The tree crickets are stridulating away,  Mars is still bright in my face after half a year in the same sector of sky, and I am very comfortable sitting on the ground with my back against a thick trail sign post.

It was when I  told Gaia (yes, I talk to our planet) straight up and in no uncertain terms, that I had the greatest seat in the entire multiverse, that a warm glow flowed right up through my boots and feet into my legs.

Like most mothers, she’s always happy to hear from those who love her.


Joyful passion may or may not be the opposite of depression, but it is the broad spectrum of thoughts and emotions spanning these two extremes which mold our personal realities.

This is the basis of the Abraham-Hicks teachings, which I have followed enough to understand.

It is said that fear and excitement are virtually the same frequency.    So what is the difference?    Well, since we are ALL creators with mostly unknown divine abilities, the difference is in what our emotions are all about.

Excitement out of fear ‘creates’ a dark and essentially negative manifestation of a reality.   Excitement out of joy is where the creations come from that people respond favorably toward.

A depressed artist produces dark anguished art, possibly with great skill.

A joyful artist produces something more generally regarded as beautiful.

That being said, there are tons of technically high quality art productions with no life in them.

A piece of art which may not be technically perfect but which carries the joy and passion of its creator seems to me a far better manifestation for the greater good than a technically impressive piece of work created only with the thought of making money – or perhaps only to show off.   The magic instilled in the art through a passionate appreciation of what a miracle co-creation really is remains in the work forever – or at least as long as its substance persists.    The spirit, which precedes the substance, is what Does persist.    It is the only part of the vibration that Can.

As an artist, I’ve had 70 years now to experience the difference.   When things are on track I can feel it as a happy glow in my solar chakra.    This indicator hasn’t failed me yet.   When I’m excited about a project (otherwise I don’t even start) the magic that inspires me then resides in the work, and is perceived, and felt, if not understood, by others.    This is not a newly discovered truth.

The Many Names of God

If we must use the word or name “God” to describe or identify ‘what’ and ‘how’ things are, then it’s most important to understand that there is no difference between the god that is the source, sensation, and substance of all things, – and every atom of our body and vibration of our soul.

The only thing that ever varies are our personal finite experiences and perceptions of this quantum event, which can differ wildly depending on our infinite points of view.

Whether we view and experience our personal reality from fear or gratitude makes all the difference in the universe.    Or multiverse.     It’s all one thing.    It’s how it FEELS that makes all the difference – and it is We who create the feeling with however evolved our consciousness happens to be.

Much of life, in its vastly diverse expressions, exists simply for the purpose of giving infinite spirit equally infinite opportunities to experience “physical” life.    Humans happen to be privileged to contain the wherewithal to not only fully experience a third dimensional state of being with all its challenges, but an etheric -or divine – gift that enables us to transcend the physical at the same time and reap the benefits of our understanding our aspect within the source of all substance and sensation.

If your name is Willie or Sue, those are but a very few of the rather personal names of God.

One Light


A Willet at Laguna Beach

There is a pervasive love that lives and walks among us in everything, like a one of a kind light that casts no shadows, and when we are most aware and appreciative of this,  it expresses, glows, and thrives in our selves.


Gulf Fritillary on a Passion Flower vine.


Painted Lady on a Butterfly Bush.

That in the universe which we perceive as beauty is but a glimpse of our true innate nature, that essence  which is endemic in all creation.    As humans we have the opportunity to take this to the greatest possible level of co-creation.

Rethinking Woodrats

This post won’t mean much if you haven’t read of my befriending a woodrat in the Bay tree I go to write in at night in the woods up on Mt. Burdell.

For months I left almonds in the hollow tree for a woodrat who’s nest I helped build with ‘shingles’ of oak bark.   After about 5 months he/she started coming out and looking at me, and walking on my legs and feet.

I thought this was great fun.

When I’m writing in the dark I’m pretty much peripherally blinded by the cell phone screen, but can hear and feel the little rascal, who I named Neo.   Having read up on Neotomas, which include the packrats, I learned its possible that Neo may not always be the same creature.    The last time I caught him with the phone light he was about twice as big as a month earlier.    Too many almonds, or a different rat.

Last night when I was ready to go home, I reached for where I’d laid my glasses in the leaves, and they weren’t there.

I had heard Neo stealing them, but thought it was just one of his normal rustling sounds.  I’d not worried about theft, because I have a number of crystals and minerals cached visibly around the inside of the base of the tree, and none ever disappeared. Not metallic enough perhaps.  Or shiny in a different way.


I’m quite nearsighted, so just looking for my spectacles must have been a spectacle.  In tearing apart the outside of the nest all I found was a perfectly good lighter I didn’t know I was missing.   Maybe Neo just thinks plastic is cool…  And then I had to negotiate the steep and twisting trail home in a blur.

I will be wearing an old pair of granny glasses until I can get new ones with the right prescription.

My friend Laura Almada suggested Neo was so inspired, that he needed them to write his own novel.    No way I’m giving him my cell phone.

Yes, I will go back and fix the nest, but may get a little stingier with the almonds and apples.

UPDATE:  Armed with an old pair of glasses, two nights later I found the missing pair  deeper in the tangled roots/nest of the Neotoma.  It was quite a relief.    Then I repaired the nest better than ever and left some roasted whole peanuts as an extra sign of no hard feelings.    There is, after all, still more writing to be done in the tree, who’s name is Eudora.   And then, being an earth rat in the Chinese zodiac, I should be surprised by none of this at all.

We Are Each the Center of the Universe

When we learn – after as many lifetimes and various life experience as it takes – to live in a state of trusting gratitude, without fear of subtle or dramatic shifts in our environment, it is ‘amazing’ how many different dimensions or frequencies that smoothly bridges.    This can be found among the experential gifts that arise from embracing the oneness.     The real liberation is the knowing that there is nothing that is not a part of ourselves, whether imaginary or ‘real’.    It is what the famous phrase ‘self realization’ is all about.



Old night photo from EdenLight Garden, by digital flash.     Other consciousness that is with us all the time.   Orbs and ectoplasm is how this is given to us to perceive.    We have physical bodies that do allow us unique experiences, like opening our mind or becoming one with a camera  – and with a little help, the ability to know we are never alone.

A Golden Sunset from Deer Island Preserve


Though Deer Island is about a 2 mile walk around the perimeter, a hump of a former island, I have found its energetics wonderful, and have spent much time on and off the upper trails.     Two of my favorite trees, Magda, the largest Bay Laurel I’ve seen, and Mama Madrona, the biggest Madrone I’ve encountered, both live on Deer Island.   Magda commented to my friend Evy the first time they met: “We are all extensions of the same Thing.”