The Cosmos in a Nutshell

Or at least Our nutshell…

For we humans here in the school of manifest ‘reality’ God created Time so that everything doesn’t seem to happen al at once, and space so that it doesn’t all appear to occur in the same place. This is purely so we have an opportunity to reflect and grow within a venue that at least feels real. Especially since everything does occur in the same place all at once. Was there a true divine intent behind all of this? While I find it easy to say yes, I am also able to allow for the possibility that this concept we call God is simply the very nature of the multi-verse, which contains truly infinite, and fractal, possibilities: all of which are diverse frequencies of energy. And quite multi-dimensional.

It is widely recognized that we live in a free-will microcosm here, which may be nothing less than a magically constructed portal in the cosmos that allows us to create any reality we choose. If you are following this at all, then imagine the possible impacts of eight billion or so souls’ diverse belief systems. No wonder Earth is called the lunatic fringe of the galaxy, and not just because we have a moon. It is because we have egos. Regardless of whether or not we realize we are ever making creative choices with our thoughts and emotions, those thoughts and emotions are doing just that. It is slowly becoming more widely accepted that it is the God within us that is doing all this. When we understand this, our responsibility, as that aspect of God that we each represent, becomes rather unavoidable. This is the core of Jeshua’s hijacked message to humanity. He was essentially killed that human egos might continue to proscribe what a controlling God might be.

Fortunately for us, all of this takes place under the higher auspices of love and grace, which makes it ‘eternal’. Or maybe this is only true when it is our default belief. Regardless, Belief is the phenomenal master key to it all.

Like how smart is that? ‘Reality’ was created so that we might fill our personal times and spaces with learning, over and over again if necessary, which is evidently the case.

Love, that Source frequency that everyone comes equipped with in various stages of evolutionary disrepair, has always been there as the only dependable guide through the maelstrom of the 3D ego-mind. It is the bridge between our heavy biological experience and all of the heavens that dwell in our heart.

This somewhat describes our Cosmos in brief, though I lack the opportunity to bounce these thoughts off the late Carl Sagan.

This post is a chapter in my upcoming book GIFTS; The Creekside Chronicles

You Won’t Miss It

Throw raw unrestrained gratitude (one of the higher frequencies of love) at the universe, and be ready for the likely surprising rewards. It may first appear as a bird coming unusually close. It could be anything. That’s just to loosen you up. Make sure you feel grateful for the bird, tell it you love it and how miraculous it is, and be ready to notice when things you weren’t sure what you were going to do about begin to smoothly resolve themselves. Make sure you say thank you for that too (at least feel it): for all of it. This is the universe we were created to interact with: not the most common alternate reality that is controlled by fear and disbelief.

There will be less than jolly days, but they will not carry the weight nor sabotage of fear. People are generally very afraid to give up fear, though after a while you don’t miss it.

Our thoughts and emotions determine which dimension we experience. This has been known and discouraged for a long long time. Or in other words we have long been encouraged to resist the most liberating truths. One of these is that the God within us holds more power than whatever God we may believe is out there somewhere pulling the strings. Uncountable lives have been forfeit for possessing and expressing this truth. Never underestimate the power of an ‘idea’ on our set of mind, and our entire perceived experience.

We were created with the wherewithal to make choices in what ideas might serve us best. Gratitude is a Great idea that can be learned. Fear is a terrible idea and can be unlearned. Oh, yes, it takes desire, then work, to turn the large boat of lies into a calmer sea. If we have only ever seen the tail side of a coin we might be easily convinced there is no head, and sail forever in a spiritual fog that we believe we see clearly. There is little point to any of this metaphor if we are not willing to believe reality could be so much better for all beings.


How do we become ‘grateful’ when we’ve already spent most of our lives in a state of anxious reactiveness? I was challenged to answer this by a friend and neighbor who actually read the preceding post on insanity. Imagine that!

First I must say I never knew that gratitude is what I was always looking for. I was a wannabe. I wanted to be psychic, special, rich, popular, unafraid, and maybe even famous… Of course there was no real plan. I spent all my money collecting plants, crystals and books on awakening. I was always afraid of something, such as not attaining any of those things, or worse; losing them. So I lost a lot of them, but never gave up.

One thing I did do as more and more unexplainable metaphysical gifts came my way was to say ‘Thank You’ to whatever was making everything happen. Slowly I learned that I was making everything happen with my changing attitude. The more intense and passionate my state of gratitude, the brighter flashed the spirit lights around me, the more wild animals came to me unafraid, and the more ongoing synchronicity I experienced. I (we) project our own individual realities with our minds. The question is: are we using our heavy and limited 3D ego mind or our 4,5,& 6D heart mind?

I am hoping to eventually publish my books which arose from this life learning. There are 5 so far: A fictional trilogy titled ‘EdenWold, Tales from the New Earth’, and 2 non-fiction works: ‘Gifts I, The Creekside Chronicles’, and Gifts II, Coming Home’. I will likely self publish as traditional publishing houses are harder and harder to be accepted by. The Archangel Gabriel also tells me that there are powerful energies that would not like what I have to share to become generally accepted. When we are insane we are Much more manageable.

I’m not sure that I ever precisely explain how to evolve from fear to gratitude, but I certainly give it my best. Although, as I said, though I didn’t realize gratitude was going to be such a powerful state of mind, by practicing it until it stuck, I do believe I am now projecting its rewards.


Unhappiness, anger, resentment, jealousy, competitiveness, and all other forms of judgmental attachment are forms of insanity. I have experienced them all. There are other even darker forms which I have not. How to not be insane and rejoice in the divine flow that is part of every cell of our bodies is the challenge. It is purely a third dimensional challenge, and possibly the main reason we get to be here between our more immortal non-physical manifestations.

The most powerful tool that I am yet aware of is gratitude. If we place our consciousness in a state of sincere gratitude, with a nice dash of awe and wonder, life then becomes synchronous in ways the reactive 3D ego mind doesn’t want us to discover.

Insanity is also the by-product of the battle of light and dark, which is expressing now more as the war between the universe of nature and the universe of technology and artificial intelligence, which is essentially a battle for the outcome of our souls’ long non-linear journey. How this is being manipulated by other-dimensional energies is the topic of many long debates. But it is part of our lesson. We are so much more than we have been taught to believe.

When we fail to see that All reality is belief based, and that we are all infinitely interconnected with everything that is, was, and will be, and allow the very low frequency and heavy ego make our decisions for us, we are essentially insane.

The heart however is not just a pump, and nothing is more sane than an open heart chakra. To operate from the heart versus the ego mind is a very real choice. To choose that portal of unlimited well-being generally requires a willingness to trust something the mind just isn’t yet prepared to understand. Call it God or anything you want, but until we perceive that That is what we are truly part of we are generally insane here on this potential paradise planet.

CRAYOLA, (written in 1971)

I first failed to see the order

When I tried to arrange my crayons

In a spectrum on the floor.

There was no place in any sequence

For the one labeled ‘flesh’,

Or the brown or gray or pink,

Or even the black and white ones,

Nor when the sun burned through the mist

Could I find them in the rainbow.

Then I took

A black man from the Niger,

A brown man from the Ganges,

A golden man from his island in the sun,

A yellow man from the Yangtze,

A red man from the last reservation,

A white man from his throne of ice,

And lined them up naked

In a spring green meadow –

An earthy prism indeed,

And wondered what was more strange:

The colors, the nature of skin,

Or why our eyes think what they see.

If I could drop them all

Into a thousand year melting pot

Would I have the perfect color

Or a useless pallet

Devoid of hue and nuance?

As I put my crayons

Back in their box,

In no special order,

I closed my eyes,

Wondering if blind people

Would think much of my orderly exercise.

Adding Us Up

There are infinite ways to describe ourselves, as we are, conveniently, infinitely unique beings regardless.

We are the sum total of all the things we’ve done but shouldn’t have, all the things we should have done but didn’t, the things we shouldn’t have done and didn’t, and the things we should have done and did. I’m not quite sure what ‘should’ means however. Do add the guiding motivation behind all these choices.

Buddha said we are the sum total of all our thoughts, which is a more condensed way of putting it. But that must include all the times we were not thinking, but still entertained thoughts. Or they entertained us.

It took a while to figure out that this does not imply that one should be filled with thoughts. Overthinking tends to be a state of senseless static. There is quite possibly such a thing as too much knowledge. There is no point in hoarding universal knowledge, and less so for being a repository – and worse – a font, of opinions. If we are metaphoric books, would we rather the pages already be filled, or leave some some nice blank ones for new revelations and adventures? Maybe a little poetry or magic yet undiscovered.

Another measure of who we are is what fears (lies) have we been liberated from, and what fears do we still cling to, or allow to still cling to us? It can be scary letting fears go, which sounds like a joke but isn’t.

Add the degree to which we love ourselves. Self love is something more than a set of thoughts, though it may take some new thoughts to achieve. (Different than the old thoughts that may have taken it away, but always a choice.) True self love is a nice balanced response to how the universe regards all of us.

How we process every experience.

No doubt, to some degree, we are exactly who we think we are – or just a reflection of who our ego wants us to think we are.

To what degree do we care to resonate with our oneness with the Divine?

Who we are is also the sum total of every choice we have ever made. Which begs the question: which aspect of our multidimensional self made those choices? An old version, a new version, or a version we didn’t know was simply living in our heart?

Ah, consciousness is an ever awesome frontier, but what a Gift!

Empirical Analysis

All empires are built from Third Dimensional egos, sustained by those believing the same illusion, and all empires fall under the weight of accumulated hypocrisy, as new egos rise to replace them. This is the cycle of manifest reality on a 3D planet. None of this should be disdained if we don’t choose to access our 5D hearts, and the Source of truth within. There is great magic contained within this vastly (!) unique challenge; the very purpose of this lunacy laden life opportunity.

Or, we can just continue to join and complain about the illusion.