Variegated Meadowhawk


Female Common Blue Damselfly


Male Common Blue Damselfly


Flame Skimmer


Eight Spotted Skimmer


I used to want to awaken to enjoy my own divine powers, until I realized this wouldn’t happen until my purpose was to awaken for the benefit of ALL beings. And so it goes! Much more liberating.


Perception is an integral aspect of Creation. To perceive that every thought is a creative act is a good start.


This hybrid Dahlia exists because someone wanted it to. It is always a cooperative effort between the Creator of all there is, and in this case; the deva of dahlias, and the human who got involved.

Except for at the very Beginning, all the infinite aspects of realities are co-creations.

We are in ways, not obvious to the ego-mind, creating ourselves.

It is in our power to manifest either heaven or hell around us. With our truest beliefs.

My Run for (from) the Presidency

I have decided to throw my hat in the ring and run for President as a write-in ¬†Independent. The hat says “Make Siberia Warm Again”. It’s red.

My platform is pretty simple: “Better Frustration for Everybody!” I will explain to the world why they have every reason to feel angst, and that the no longer existent ‘democracy’ we keep pretending to defend at great cost and loss of life is not something I can fix in even 8 years. Lobbies and a stacked court system won’t vanish voluntarily. I haven’t the slightest desire to be a dictator, but would like to start making use of the free non-polluting energy that surrounds us.

I’m pretty sure I will meet orchestrated resistance delivering on this promise.

I will definitely blow the whistle on the vast alien cover-up, though I probably won’t be shown any proof. Even though we all regularly see giant space ships cloaked in vapor.

And since outright prevarication has become the savory soup du jour, I’m a little nervous that if I tell too much truth I might not survive my first four years. Or months. So if for some reason I don’t win, at least I won’t have a covert-op assassination to be concerned about. Hopefully.

Whether I win or not, it feels of the utmost importance that we all make a more concerted effort to awaken and not ever again allow the travesty that occurred in 2016. Although I’m not convinced the rightful winner that year would have been such a bouquet of roses either.

No donations, please. If its meant to be it will all work out.

Thank you,   Brian George

Divine Diversity


We don’t all have the same skills.

If God is all loving, all allowing, and capable of infinite things beyond our ken, then why not remain entirely within everything created, including, say, animate bipedal beings that might progress through an epic learning process of remembering the source of their divinity within? Oh, that’s us.

We are made of something that many aspects of what we call Nature have never forgotten. A carnation plays the role of a carnation because it Knows that’s what it is. It exists in part because of the intrinsic power of its non-ego self awareness. But an awareness without the self part that creates separation from Source. The universe would be less rich without the carnation. You can substitute anything for carnation and it is still true. Carburation, First Nation, Sanitation, Bus Stations, and possibly even Aggravation…

Humans have been given, not to overuse the word ‘infinite’, infinite carte blanche to be whatever we wish. We already demonstrate such incredible diversity in our interests, talents, creations, and even our physical form.

When we learn to respect all our fellow beings, and grasp that none are less fashioned from the Whole Cloth of the Creator than ourselves, we will have attained the Fifth Dimension. And so much more. Heaven is the ground floor of all that is possible beyond our long suffering fears. When any part of our spirit suffers either from self- or external abuse, our physicality suffers. We either get sick, or injured. A whole society practicing judgement and aggression can be ill. Even terminally.

It is partly about learning what old habits or associations should be discarded because of how they limit us physically, mentally, emotionally, and – spiritually. Perhaps the hardest part to grasp is that we are purely spirit, and it is the Frequency of our consciousness (both our conscious and subconscious thoughts and beliefs) that dictates our physical experience. Entirely. There are many kinds of ego encouraged attachments that are the reason many are still in 3D, and others further along not yet fully integrated with 4D.

Understand that the work we do to raise our own frequencies can only come from the heart, and is Always assisted by so many unseen aspects of the Divine. Also understand that with our hugely elevated empathic rate it is quite contagious.

When we doubt this, all kinds of other characters without the best agenda move right on in and make themselves at home. Happens all the time, and mass ascension is delayed.

Other than for the possible inconvenience, who is to say that enjoying tearing up a roll of toilet paper isn’t advancing the greater Joy Agenda?