Never Underestimate the Friendship of a Tree

On last night’s walk on Mt. Burdell, while moving from a favorite Coast Live Oak across the hill into a canyon where I’ve done much of my writing inside the 14 trunks of a Bay Laurel named Eudora (where the deer mice and wood rats disappear the treats I bring them in silent lightning swift moves), I stopped to embrace a thick Valley Oak that Ys into two trunks at chest level. I’m sure I hug this oak at least several times a week when I pass it next to a trail I’ve worn, which the deer now use as well.

I had my cheek against the rough bark of the nearer trunk, and the fingers on the ends of my outstretched arms were anchored in perfect vertical grooves in the bark. Almost feeling one with tree, the entire interface between us felt custom made.

Just as I was having the thought that I was somewhere warmly familiar, and certainly comforting, the tree, in a clear response to my deep sense of well-being, said: “You are always here.”

I thought about this on my way deeper into the canyon, and knew I had a good anchor for the turbulent seas we are in.


I hug this Valley Oak more often, but haven’t heard from it yet…but when you can feel love, words aren’t entirely necessary.


It might be said that every dimension is not just a level, but an aspect, of consciousness.

Keep in mind that it is all part of one consciousness, which is helpful to embrace if we are to discover who we are, and are ‘meant’ to be – not by a distant divine dictator, but by the infinite collective we’re each part of.

We are interconnected with all dimensions ( which are all interconnected, or inter-penetrating), yet our individuality is not just influenced by, but created by which dimensions we most resonate with. It is too simple a perception to say some dimension are higher or lower. Our connections are primarily through our chakras, but also other points in our bodies. Our resonance with specific dimensions generally correspond to the numbers we are familiar with: For instance the 7th D is accessed through our 7th, or crown, chakra. The 8th and higher chakras are within our energy field, but outside the body.

The ‘All One Thing’ idea excludes nothing, while often focused only on what our soul evolution’s lineage has conditioned us to accept or perceive. It may manifest as matter, thoughts (particularly), or a hypothetical idea. The problem with hypothetical ideas is that just because they don’t manifest in ‘your’ reality (most commonly 3D), doesn’t mean there is not a dimension, or an entity, without that restriction. Many things occur in more than one D at once.

One of the two things all humans share is biology, and even that is incredibly diverse. The other ‘thing’ is the Source and All of Creation in every cell of our bodies.

Super String Theory suggests that there are only ten dimensions; 9 made from space, and one made from time. Some believe that the 4th D is time. If so, ‘time’ is currently playing a significant role in the development of our consciousness. It is where all timelines meet, giving us access to all of our past and future (and parallel) experiences.

1D: A point in space that may or may not be influenced by time. It is perceived as stationary, which is also relative, as everything is in a state of both motion and change. It may or may not be ‘self aware’. We currently ground through our 1st chakra; which is the unknown, and generally fear centered.

2D: A line or flat plane with little or no thickness, perhaps a template or blueprint, (which relates to the 2nd, or creative chakra). More time influence, and also self aware.

3D: We think we know it well; the ground floor of the idea of a solid reality. Cubes, pyramids, spheres, and human bodies borrow generously from 3D. Attach an ego (standard equipment) to whatever soul or spirit might occupy such a body, and you have most of the conflicted history of mankind. It is where selfishness, greed, and the need for ‘power’ thrive. Much of the empathic trauma we experience is through the 3rd chakra.

4D: Where the planet itself, and many of us are now. It is a heart based reality, where a great conflict with the 3D ego-mind rages away. There have been adequate cosmic shifts to plunge our Earth into this ‘transition zone’. We have never had a better (nor more urgent) opportunity to move from our ego-mind to the heart.

This is our main event right now, which generally means learning to let go of the  things the ego has convinced us we need. The greatest tools are to remain in a state of gratitude and love for everything, and that to take anything besides Source love personally is an error. All the chaos here is the end game as the old dying elitist ways’ struggle to keep enough soul slaves to survive. The planet is going through no less as she ascends with us.

5D: The ground floor of the enigmatic ‘heaven’, This frequency has always been omnipresent and reminds us that ‘in the beginning was the word.’ the 5th chakra is our center of communication, community, and communion. While our second chakra may account for all manner of creativity, it is the 5th which lends divine intent.

6D: Think of your third eye, which allows us to perceive across all dimensions.

7D: The frequency of hope, surrender, and all-cherishing peace. Bodhisattvas are aligned with this dimension.

8D: Earth’s first non-dual dimension, from which matter in the galaxy is regulated, along with the blueprints for the evolution of the soul.

9D: The intergalactic connection, including our reception of intergalactic consciousness assistance. There is a Lot of it ‘out there’.

10D: The first dimension in which we perceive all the other 9 of the first 10. Here is the blueprint for evolution of the spirit.

11D: Some consider this the Theory of Everything. At the very least, it is a bridge. You could say a bridge from Earth to Heaven. No two souls’ journey over this bridge are the same.

Guides on this journey have always appeared. As Neville Goddard explains so well, the scripture that says God came to dwell ‘among’ us was mistranslated from ‘within’ us. Christ demonstrated this, both as an entity of flesh, but as that greater essence of creation that dwells within each of us.

In other words: ‘God became man that man might become God.’ Not just one man, but all of mankind. It is the work we are doing.


Just because we can’t see it with our 3D eyes doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

Shifting Times

Something called the Coriolis Effect, which is created by the spin of the Earth, is responsible for the directions whirlpools swirl. The effect is weakest at the Equator.

Generally, in the Northern Hemisphere, water spins down drains clockwise (Yang). In the Southern Hemisphere it is Yin.


This whirlpool is where the water in Cemetery Lagoon is being sucked through an underwater pipe out into Rush Creek at low tide.  I’ve watched it almost hypnotically many times. It is always spinning clockwise. Yesterday it maintained a double Yin-Yang whirlpool the entire time I watched it, with one side or the other occasionally dominating. I choose to believe it is one of many signs that the Earth is not only changing (the magnetic poles are migrating at record speed) but approaching a period of unprecedented balance.

Faces in Nature


From a distance I thought the white lichen was milky quartz. That was only an invitation to  approach and meet a spirit of the forest, which didn’t mind the bay laurel leaf I placed in its eye. The large outcropping of actinolite/gneiss is surrounded by bay and oak, and is home to a vortex on the Deer Island Open Space Preserve. Such magical places are one reason we are still here. Together.

Power Points


The Love Grounding Engine. A rose quartz heart on the roof of a barn, aimed at the chair between 3 Onyx columns: God the Mother-Father, Michael and Gabriel. A meditation spot of endless revelation. I spent 2 summers sleeping between the columns at night.


‘God the Mother-Father ‘ Shrine at the original EdenLight Garden. Hundreds of precious and semi-precious gems inlaid in white Chinese Onyx. Hugging it was something special.

Happy New Year from EdenLight Garden


A mushroom in the wood chips.


Anthony Parker Sage against Abutilon>



‘Roxanne’ Geranium on Dwarf Wooly Yarrow


Common Japanese Maple, Acer palmatum.


Winter Honeysuckle, Lonicera fragrantissima.

All the rain and a series of light frosts have allowed the garden to go into slumber rather gently. Although there were still splashes of fall color including yellow brown banana leaves, and a lot of evergreen green, there wasn’t much floral presence. An electric violet exception is a group of hardy Anthony Parker sage plants whose abundant trussed spikes of blossoms draw the eye, and then draw it again.

So I walked slowly through the rows of plants, grateful not to be watering for a while, and could not have been happier with the brilliantly subtle gems among the branches, or on the ground. Fallen petals and lingering solitary blooms presented flowers in ways I had yet to appreciate. Winter honeysuckle blossoms caught the nose before the eye caught the delicate white blossoms among the twigs.

.Decomposition has an organic beauty of its own as the botanic biomass reverts to compost. Add the golden light of late afternoon, the swelling buds of next season’s leaves and blossoms, and a hummingbird’s head buried in the hanging goblet of an orange Abutilon, and I would say the New Year that begins at Midnight will be world changing.



A circle of elders. You never know who’s gazing back. I took this 4D photo at EdenLight in 2014. The only being here I was able to identify is Thor, on the left. I’m not sure why Thor appeared, but I got another picture of him several years later. I’m getting a Pleiadean connection to the Norse pantheon.

‘Feeling it’ is an important part of the journey home. More so than thinking about it.

The love I feel emanating from the Creator Mother Father has never felt more fluid nor comforting. This reciprocation of Love narrative is phrased in countless vignettes in nature.

I count it no coincidence that this life’s journey has my home placed next to a gate that leads to the preserved piece of Gaia that is Mt. Burdell.

To get to where I want to be on the quartz rich mountain, I have created a series of trails, sometimes only connecting segments of well worn but narrow deer paths. But the deer (and coyotes) then use what I begin as well. The technology here is a matter of flattening the native grasses with your feet, which requires a lot of walking. Enough times that a pattern develops. Normally I can follow them in the dark without a light. Except lately there was no moon and no cloud cover to reflect back the collective lights of Novato. Compounded by vigorous sprouting fresh green grass, even on the trails, makes everything look the same in the dark.

A new favorite destination on clear nights is Burdell’s newly acquired southwest ridge, an uphill mile from home. The stargazing before the New Moon on several recent nights was stellar, to be totally droll. To the east I waited several nights to see the brightest star Sirius rise above the East Bay hills. It has been magically twinkling red, green, and white, like an airplane, which I first mistook it for as it was appearing through the lower atmosphere. Except it didn’t move.

Once up and twinkling away, it became the tail on a vertical unnamed astronomical animal. Straight above it the three star’s of Orion’s Belt are vertical. The Hunter is laying on his back. To the right is Orion’s brightest star Rigel, one of the legs; more blue and white. To the left is the controversial Red Giant Betelgeuse, thirteen times the size of our sun, which in the past month has suddenly dimmed to a degree that suggests it might ‘die’ soon, going Super Nova. If so, and we get to see it, it will be a harmless to us, but spectacular, sight. And Orion will lose an arm, but not his bow arm.

Continuing up the eastern sky we come to bright Aldebaran, twinkling red, orange, and white. It is home to an inhabited rain forest planet of the same name. It vibrates at a higher frequency than Earth, so this would not be apparent to astronomers. It also qualifies as one of the many mansions and many rooms that are included in ‘heaven’.

And then, last, approaching zenith, are the Pleiades; the head of our sky high creature. This star cluster, sometimes called the Seven Sisters for the brightest of the thirty odd stars, is home to some of the most productively benevolent extra terrestrials who have long worked on improving the human race both genetically and spiritually. They are among us in various dimensions all the time, and I consider then among my most valued personal friends and benefactors. Since early childhood.

Over my right shoulder, the New Moon and Venus are preparing to drop below the horizon of hills; the iconic Moon and Star. Saturn has just set.

Over my left shoulder, sinking tail first toward the next range of hills to the northwest is the Northern Cross; the constellation Cygnus, the Swan. Tilted a little to the right, the tip of the tail is also the bottom of the cross. The top, or swan’s head, is its brightest star Deneb, which forms a broad based triangle with the wing tips. Just as Orion’s lower body (with the belt) reminds me of a kite, so does the much larger Cygnus.

Directly overhead, and only visible as a faint blur, is the nearest galaxy, Andromeda, which is approaching and will consume our home Milky Way in about four and a half  billion years, which is the approximate age of our Earth.

About the width of Cassiopeia to the right is the distorted M or W that Is the constellation Cassiopeia.

This is not even scratching the surface of the infinitely diverse natural universe in which we are learning to play by rules long withheld by our self absorption.

Nature’s Pallet


The Goddess Iris never rests. Probably no Goddesses do. This particular vignette of her cosmic artwork no longer exists, as it became part of the mulch on the bulb beds at EdenLight Garden. The English Oak (Quercus robur) leaves are from a tree that came to me in a coffee can concealed in a shipment of antiques from Chester, England in 1979, and the Bloodgood Japanese Maple leaves from a tree I planted in the front yard in 1990.



‘Faith’, Kwan Yin’s Unicorn, a photo from early 2013.

Awakening, as magically mystical as it might sound, is seldom if ever a free pass to get lazy and do nothing.

That’s not how you got there.

Just because you now favor the heart mind over the ego mind, and are enjoying synchronicity on a regular basis, doesn’t mean that’s all there is.

Enjoy it while its new for you. It’s quite likely you still have issues you may now resolve from a higher frequency. And that is just getting you ready for more amazing things. Pleasure may arise where you least expect it, but not necessarily pleasure as your ego mind once knew it. A self centered joy cannot compare to one that that is derived from the essence of joy itself which has made even the more fundamental experiences possible in the first place.

There are levels of satisfaction and joy for creations achieved, services performed, and just the miracle of existence that few who are still in human form have yet experienced.

In a universe based upon the Law of Resonance, or Law of Attraction, and one in which all reality is belief, or consciousness, based, this is entirely encouraging.

I have no doubt – whatsoeever – that I will be communing once again with unicorns, dragons, and all manner of delightful beings. And since I never have, I won’t be doing it alone.