Living a PROactive (Not REactive ) Reality

ALL reality is belief based.    IF we are not having a happy synchronous life, it is not the outer world that needs reprogramming; it is our inner one:    Our conscious and subconscious beliefs.   There is more material written on this subject than anyone in their right mind should ever need to read.

If we’re living in any kind of fear, worry, or resentment, we can ONLY attract things we claim not to want.    It’s called The Law of Attraction for a fundamental universal reason; Like frequencies can only attract like frequencies.   All accepting joyous love tends to be a higher frequency than grumpiness or selfishness.

If we somehow manage to fully grasp our own divinity, which is a program sourced in infinite love and possibility, the entire fabric of our reality shifts, whether anyone else notices or not.

When we are flowing synchronously with the understanding that our source lies within us, and if we manage to emotionally appreciate the miracle of EVERYTHING, others actually DO notice, though it may be with – or without – understanding.


Handy Tools

There are all kinds of handy tools to use to attract the Fifth Dimension into our reality; to literally change our reality right in the midst of chaos.  We are talking about things that can help us achieve that thing sometimes called awakening.   Never worry about what someone else has or is doing.   They are not the infinitely unique sacred being that You are.  You are truly the god-center of your own universe (which happens to include everything else.)

Love.  It’s number One.  Begin with yourself and the understanding that you are part of Everything that already loves you.

Music.  Sound, song, and harmonic synchronicity.   Sound can literally heal and reshape reality.   By all means make a joyful sound.

Art.  Painting, sculpting, assembling beautiful things.    It’s no coincidence that as part of creation we are all divine creators.

Seeing.   See things as beautiful.    This is done with the eyes and heart in harmony.

Dance.  Yoga.  There are many physical disciplines.   Aligning the body with the sacred energies that support us.    It helps break the blockages that are part of the Third Dimensional challenge.

Nature.  It’s made of the same things we are, without questioning any of it.   Walk in it and passionately appreciate its infinite expressions.    Just being IN nature is transforming.   Do it a lot.   Learn to revere all the potential combinations of earth, air, fire and water from which we’re constructed to allow this physical experience.

Joy.   The original State of Love, and often the least practiced.

Gratitude.   If Love is the Source, then Gratitude is the state that nurtures it.   It’s the grease that makes your unique perfection flow smoothly.  Being sincere is rather essential, although there is an effective practice called “fake it until you make it.”   But only if you’re faking it with sincerity!

Passion.   Love, create, and appreciate the world around us passionately – never with disdain or indifference.  Learn to engage your heart THAT much.

Breathe.   Breathe deeply of not just oxygen, but Prana, the invisible life giving magic so abundantly produced by our sun.   Most forget to breathe after that first traumatic gasp at birth.

Feeling.    Practice being affectionate.    It is no less than the state in which we were originally created.    When we radiate passionate affection – for anything, especially Source – we are in synch with that perfect state.    When we’re there, we can feel it in our solar/heart center as a blissful glow of well being.   Not blissful like “out of it”, but blissful as “With it.”    Practicing on kittens or babies is a reasonable start in this direction.    Lack of feeling is the only true state of death.   Feeling and passion work really well together in transforming realities.  It is not a statistical, exactly replicable science, because we’re all different, but lies at the heart of all real divine magic.

Understanding.   If you don’t have it, ask for it, pray for it;  it’s always available when we get out of our illusory self concerns.   Above all, while incorporating any or all of the above tools,  especially love, understand that ALL reality is belief based.   Attend to the quality of your beliefs, and then have a good day in spite of all those things that were never really you.

Equanimity.   Avoid all judgement.  The faults you see in others are only aspects of yourself you’ve yet to recognize, or the Universe would not be presenting it to you through another co-being.   Really.    Even though it’s so easy to feel you’re right.   Work hard at remembering the only true form of ‘right’ is kindness.    Making others wrong has yet to make anyone right.

Kindness.  In being kind to others, we are practicing the same energetic that has always allowed us to exist, let alone survive; which is Grace.    Grace fits snugly within the magical tool of kindness.   What we think and do is exactly who we are.    Compassion fits very neatly in this category as well, and may rightly be considered the highest state of kindness.

Cherish all diversity, for nothing is more unique than you or I.  It is core to the brilliant beauty of creation.

Ignorance.    Ignore all man-written religious dogma that causes any sense of fear or anxiety, or tells you that Their way is absolutely the only way to be right with Source.    Such dogma is responsible for so many falling into the trap of being judgemental.   Our Source is never judgmental, nor should we be.   If you’re not aware of the fruits of inquisition and jihad you may not understand this one.    There has yet to be a message channeled from Source which predicts something bad will happen to us if we do or don’t do such and such.   Fear is always a lie that we happen to believe, and the handiest tool of darkness.   Do not confuse this with advice to live dangerously or selfishly – only bravely, with confidence in your Own Divinity.

Presence.   Live fully in the moment, in the Now; the only place where creation occurs.   Dwelling on any past disappointment in any form guarantees a fundamental, if not detailed, replay or re-creation of that situation.   When both our emotional and mental bodies are in the harmonic darkness generated by anger, regret, or resentment, it is ONLY possible to attract an unpleasant situation.   This can go on for a lifetime if not understood and stopped.  Living in the future by a sense of lacking something you don’t yet have is no different;  feeling and thinking about lack can do none other than provide lack.

Our DNA.  Remember: we have 12 strands, not just the 2 that allow us all our physical and illusory limitations.   The other 10 strands, long considered ‘junk’, and which represent roughly 97% of our near infinite potential, is our unused Divinity.    Psychics and miracle workers are simply using a little bit more of it.

As creators, we have tools at our our disposal we haven’t begun to use.    First we must believe they are already within us.

So the first most important tool after the Love that makes it all possible?  BELIEF.  If you have trouble believing that all reality is belief based, you may be having challenges in other areas as well!   Belief, in this sense, is what Faith is all about.  It is a knowing beyond question, and will manifest your truth – whatever that might be – into your world.    It only seems like magic because it doesn’t fit at all within the multifold limits most of us have been taught.

Heaven Is All Around Us. All of the Time.

What many call heaven is a state of mind resonating with a dimension that is not typically supported by the imagined and programmed needs of a 3D life experience.

But it’s always present.    If you see it, it’s yours.    If you can’t see it yet – which requires a clear open heart/mind alliance – it is still always there waiting for you to recognize your original state.

There is no divine requirement saying we must die before having this truth revealed and enjoyed.

There is infinite advantage both on the personal as well as cosmic level to awakening while still within the distractions of our sacred physical opportunity.    It is the most important opportunity we all share – while in bodies.   And the opportunity that is either the most discouraged or the most ignored in favor of worldly illusions.

‘Heaven’, or the Fifth and Sixth Dimensions are a set of frequencies always present and waiting to be appreciated – something that is impossible while in a state of self concern.

When we manage to open our hearts to the universe, and discover that all we take to be ‘personal’ is an illusion of the physical realm,  the synchronicity that we all long for is magically there.

Believe it: Synchronicity, bliss, a life of dreams coming true, contentment, and ongoing sacred revelation can belong to anyone, right in the midst of a distracting utterly insane socio-political world order such as we now have on Earth.

The ways to get there have been taught for millennia, by those who have done it: Jesus and Buddha to name a very few who understand it perfectly.    Those are only two of the beings who understand their oneness with all that is.

We are infinite Beings with the same divine capacity within our genes.

It’s Always a choice.   “Easy” doesn’t come into play until we’ve actually chosen love above all other ways to roll.

Heaven on Earth is an individual choice.

When it becomes the choice of the masses we will see what the entire multiverse has been waiting for us to do.

We Get What We Believe. Always.

After taking that first traumatic breath at birth, we might spend our whole life perceiving it to be a daunting hill standing before us, blocking our perceived poorly explained path.

Then there is the generally indescribable experience of shifting that attitude, usually after letting go of a lot of things and ideas, and seeing only the path of gold that lay before us all along.

Our love of self and all else that is, is what tames the hills and conquers the mountains we all invent.   The golden path has infinite branches – which are us.

We are each the path, unless we allow others to convince us otherwise.     Self acceptance in a universe that is all one thing is the first step on the path to fulfillment.

All judgement, division , and exclusivity, are the chasms and canyons in the road that can never be crossed.

We are All the Source.

When a day is going perfectly, don’t become so absorbed in its details that you forget how it is even possible.

Edenlight Garden Update


The new garden will be below and behind the trees in the foreground, across a creek  from the Organic Farm at center left;  center are the IVC ballfields.   Near foreground is Indian Valley Open Space.     Mt. Burdell in the distance.


A boulder of black serpentine just inside the Indian Valley Open Space above Indian Valley College, and the new Edenlight Garden.     Being a Leo, I naturally see the profile of a guardian lion spirit’s face in the moss, lichen, and rock.


Beginning of the meadow and woods that will be incorporated into the new Magic Garden, about twice the size of the original twenty seven year garden a mile and a half up the same valley.     Indian Valley College, of the College of Marin, ‘welcomed me aboard’, and began moving plants and materials to the campus on June 8th, 2018.     Those of you who know me might appreciate the joy and relief this represents.     It is the fulfillment of dreams beyond just my own.     There IS hope in a world that needs it more than ever.

Core Communication, or: Talking With Trees

Who is talking with Whom?    If we expect to be able to talk with a tree we may have trouble getting past our own bark of resistance.   This holds true with animals, minerals, and elementals, except then the bark metaphor isn’t as catchy.

For a human to communicate with a tree, either in a perceived verbal structure, or a simple in-phase concept transfer, the human must detach from its leaky prophylactic of judgement, and ironically; separateness.     If this truly spiritual liberation is achieved, the exchange, and even melding of ideas of many kinds, becomes unobstructed, and the evidence of our unity prevails.

The tree may address a human with eloquent verbiage, usually brief and concisely, or the certainly no less elegant bestowal of a palpable ambience of love.    Simply hugging a tree will usually achieve this, and once we learn this we can easily improve upon our receiving of love from the entire universe, through all the forms of creation available.

A tree will rarely tell us what it has been doing to heal humanity, or what a single tree can do for an individual human.     What the tree will also not do is intrude upon the self diminishing beliefs of a human, which for the tree would be like awakening from the tree’s unique state of conscious bliss into an nightmare.

If humans are half of every combination of potential communicants, then this same reluctance to letting go of observing, analyzing, and having inflexible opinions will always represent a disconnect.    Simple narrow thoughts like; oh, I don’t like where that tree is, or I like another kind of tree better, or that’s not my favorite color are all the useless rough bark we need to shut off communication.    However, a respect based love for that with which we may care to communicate, whether plant, animal, mineral, elemental, and even thought forms, is the same as stripping away our own bark.     This by no means implies that we might enhance our chances of hearing from a tree by removing Its biological bark.    We ourselves are simply thought forms borrowing biological vehicles for this short, but opportunity rich, stint on our eternal journey.    We have helped design these vehicles, and have been coming up wth newer models since we first began.     The models we currently occupy are perfectly capable of communication with virtually anything, and also perfectly capable of making the effort and achieving success.     Of course we are equally capable of missing most of the show while literally hiding within our own skins of fears and misconceptions.    But some editions have been much more refined than others.    We are made of light, so when we strip ourselves of all the darkness wrapping us in fear and selfishness, there is simply nothing left to impede communication with any other aspect of creation.

It helps to not edit the responses we are then able to perceive, by imposing expectations upon what those communications might be.     Sometimes “let it be” is all we need.     “I love you” is then simply an echo of that which set our own creation in motion.



EdenWold UpDate

The book I began in late 2011, and spent 2012 finishing, (or so I thought) turned out to be the seeds of a trilogy.     The overlighting title is EdenWold: Tales from the New Earth.     I began the rewrite last September after leaving my inspirational 27 year garden Edenlight under duress.    I have written previously how that the preceding year of pain forced me to understand the implications of strong attachments and surrender.     Have I learned to cherish pain and disappointment?     Not really.     Is my life any less meaningful?     No.    Is it more magical?      Yes.

In EdenWold, Book One: In the Beginning,  we are introduced to a nucleus garden, and a number of actual and once believed mythological creatures who experience the initial stages of the new world.     Book Two: Being the Becoming, expands the geography and diverse personalities and properties of EdenWold, and ends with an expedition via Dragon to explore beyond the ever expanding borders of Edenholm where the story began.     Early in Book Three: Worlds Without End,  the expedition encounters its first colony of humans.

As I don’t have a place to create sculptures and the other art that defined much of my experience at EdenLight Garden, my creative inspirations and subsequent joy have been channeling through these books.    I experience them in a kind of internal 3D, including color and sound, mostly while in a variety of favorite or newly discovered magical places in nature; often a nurturing tree.

I will share here two experiences from this past week that demonstrate the synchronicity of this ongoing experience.

Along one of the trails I commonly walk near where I’ve opened a 30 ft. diameter Heaven/Earth portal on a wooded knoll, I always stop and visit with an enormous Madrone tree who I call Mama Madrona.    The biggest Madrone I’ve ever found.    I’ve been hugging and talking to her for months, always feeling that visceral flow of Earth Peace from her.     She is huge and magnificent.     With some trees I have dialogues, but not yet with Mama Madrona.     This week I commented to her that while I wasn’t aware of any conversation from her, I could certainly feel her love.     Only now I heard her voice: “That’s all I’ve been giving you.”      I decided that was pretty good, and not to push it.

Two days later, I was walking with a friend named Evy at a different nature preserve called Rush Creek, where there is a good sized lagoon with herons, egrets, ducks, swans and other air or waterborne life.     As I was relating the details of a chapter I had written the same morning, featuring some magic that the illusion-dispelling dragonflies and damselflies had performed for the humans and their Edenholm guests – particularly by a group of sapphire colored damselflies –  Evy and I were escorted for about a quarter mile around the west side of the lagoon by an entourage of blue sapphire colored damselflies who remained criss-crossing back and forth directly in front of us the entire way.

Needless to say, it was a profound demonstration of synchronicity, and a surreal, but entirely vivid joy, for both of us.      There was no question that our joy and conscious gratitude were key ingredients in the experience.

One of Our Purposes

There are no doubt purposes within purposes – within purposes.    If this mega-purpose were to be laid out in outline form for simple viewing, it might look something like a family tree.    Whether the chart begins at the top or the bottom is irrelevant.    There will never be much tree without roots.     At least not trees with life in them.

So let’s start at the root – at where everything began; pure nonrestrictive unconditional love.    If we are the tree, then, might not our very first most primary and essential purpose be to learn how to both absorb and generate this same source magic?      The true soil from which we sprang.

I think so.    Everything else is only temporary parts and experiences, like leaves and flowers and seeds that fall and begin again.

The alternative is whole lives spent – I don’t want to say wasted – in judgement, thoughts, opinions, self rejection, and micro/macro chaos.     Since most of us have experienced thousands of unremembered life streams, there is certainly room in our outline for mistakes, even though they tend to be cumulative, at least karmically.

The only liberator in the equation is love, not love with attachment, but most particularly complete love and acceptance of our infinitely unique selves, without judgement toward others who are all on the same convoluted journey.

When we learn to absorb and generate pure love as our primary purpose, all other purposes – and they are infinite in scope and detail – follow flawlessly.

Such love is the source of all magic, all life, and seems like a worthy purpose.

Live and Love – Love and Live

The only way one can know something – anything – completely, is by loving it.    Then we are living it.    The words contain the same essence of unbiased consciousness and unfettered creation.     It also puts us squarely, roundly – however we like it – in the Now.     Everything else, past, future, or imagined, is a shadow of mental illusion, or anti-creation.     Most of us spend a lot of “time” in that fugue state, when love and life are never lost, but only misplaced in self concern.     Sometimes for an entire lifetime.