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Princess Flower


Denseflower Rein Orchid


Clock Vine



Perhaps “Truth” can only be measured by the degree to which the heart and mind might agree.

If the judgement as to what is true arises purely from the third dimensional ego motivated and conditioned mind, chances are very high that it is an illusion, fake news, and quite possibly an extremely common misdirection or misinterpretation of our divine perception. If grounded in any form of drama or divisiveness, it is just static, but should not be confused with anything important like love, tolerance, and well being for all beings.

Conclusions that are simply reactions should not be confused with truth.

Things don’t look very different between the third, fourth, and fifth dimensional realities. In a way we all share all aspects of reality, but it is our choices that determine our personal experience in spite of what anyone else may be going through. What is different is not only our perception, but the consequences and flow stemming from our centeredness. The Results of our focus of consciousness effect everything – not only our own lives, but the experiences occurring across the entire multiverse.

Truth is not something created by a mental reaction, or knowledge in general, but something our common heart consciousness understands.

We’re getting there, one opening heart at a time. The Fifth Dimension is all around us now. Our bodies already know this, and are waiting for our minds to relax into it and listen.


Nature always knows where your heart is. A fifth dimensional reality is full of magic.


Being cute doesn’t hurt.


A tiny ping pong sized mouse that played with me in the woods.


I didn’t want to leave it and it didn’t want me to put it down. My heart sang from this unexpected encounter for several days.

Mutual Awareness


In the back yard pond


Don’t know what winged being this will become


Rosa californica

As I walk in the intricate beauty of nature, able to observe and love everything around me, I feel especially graced to be in a position to do so.

It would be common arrogance to assume that the quail feeding in the trail before me, the wild roses and blackberries that have been showing me their blossoms for months, and the pairs of butterflies spiraling up out of the cattails, are not in their own infinitely unique way just as aware of me back.

Or perhaps before I even got here.

In This Time of our Mass Ascension

One small mantra to help us embrace our personal divinity:

I am that I AM.

I am that I AM BOTH the Belover AND the Beloved.

Only the ego prevents us crossing this very fine line and fully realizing (awakening to)  our true all-encompassing selves.

img_4422-1The Third, Fourth, and Fifth Dimensions are now overlapping. They can all LOOK the same. But not FEEL the same.

The Third allows for a very vivid reality experience, or quantum classroom, which is generated by the mind and the ego.

The Fourth is now everywhere, and allows for a heart generated, much more synchronous reality experience. It is both a simple but evolved choice in consciousness. Without embracing the heart based consciousness which is able to recognize and reciprocate the love that created us, the Fifth is still held at bay. The Fourth is full of the chaos created by the conflict between ego and heart based thinking. It makes lots of “news”.

The Fifth is here as well, but until a critical mass of humanity is able able to let go of the fear based attachments that the ego keeps dangling before us it will remain that mythical though very real place called heaven.

It is time to recognize and refuse all of the old ways that never did work, except to hold us prisoner. There are those in other star systems appalled that we have to pay to live on our own planet. Heaven is in every cell of each of us. And only a timeless blink away.

It is not human nature to condense truth to its simplest form. Though we don’t cease trying.

Someone, me included, is always trying to describe and explain the nature and cause of things. Let’s just say, for the sake of no argument, that love is the purest form of consciousness or intelligence. And that absolutely everything – all things and things that aren’t things – in the quantum universe are but infinite aspects of that intelligence. There are many who in their separate languages prefer to personify this essence as someone called God. Although I use the word fairly freely myself, what is it? It is good for acknowledging that there is more than just our little selves and what we we think, but limits the simplest of truths: unlike a “person”, the Creator, whatever that core Source might be, probably does not make decisions, judgements, and certainly not  condemnations.

Even as I write this I am fully aware that what I’m trying to express is beyond my understanding, and that its best to suppress my ego’s attempts to define it. There is somehow a simplicity to its bottomless complexity that exists outside the experiential mind. Words like “just” or “fair” begin to sound trite or naive. It is increasingly difficult to accept that a number of religious beliefs, or any dogma period, are spiritual. Especially if it discriminates in Any way against someone else’s beliefs. Spirituality is personal, and I have no doubt that every single religion has followers who’s spiritual truth doesn’t actually resonate with the written rules of their faith. To have faith, is I believe a state entirely unencumbered by controlling rules. No “rules” absolve one of the effects of karma or the law of resonance. The simplest modern example of such folly is Islamic jihad. We know egos exist. It is fairly certain that dark energies that could be called demonic exist. Egos and demons make perfect partners, and thrive in unhappy people. Who then manifest negative realities.

While all realities are belief based that does not preclude many of them being little more than vanity. Especially if the intellect and the ego are in cahoots to justify something.

So this omniscient ubiquitous love (that I call God, and believe is what Everything is made of) would have to include all the creation elements we benefit from, and depend upon, for our existence and whatever reality we are experiencing – or would like to experience. That would mean that fire, air, earth, and water are not only intelligent, but composed of intricately specific frequencies of love. Add to this ambient miracle the ever-working law of attraction (or resonance)  and it stands to reason that we are all literally immersed, at all times, in love.

Love the air around us, and by its very nature it will love us back. When we learn to practice this on all things and situations we will find ourselves melding with Source and rising sooner than later, both individually and together, from this earthly treadmill of endless teaching. And suffering. Of course it helps to remember the Buddha’s greatest teaching that all suffering comes from attachments ( and the fear and pain of their loss or absence.)

When we learn to shine a completely non-judging level of love upon ourselves, even upon our pain, we are golden, for we are neither the body nor the mind. Both are but vehicles or object lessons. We are opportunities Not being judged for our individual contribution to the expanding multiverse; each an infinite singularity learning to not only appreciate, but to give back into, that phenomenon that started it it all. And evidently isn’t finished yet.

We have been given the gift of not only never being alone, but being co-creators in a multiverse in which we are each filled with every present and potential aspect of whatever the Creator might be. A co-active creation in progress. Creating Itself. That’s what we all part of.

As humans we have been genetically engineered to play a pivotal role in the greatest of Self Realizations. If we are open to such learning, there is much evidence to suggest this is not mere vanity. As all 13 of our strands of DNA come on line (the tools of our personal divinity or tao) we will appreciate this more. These extra 11 strands that we all have do not respond to ego directed states of awareness and manifestation. First we have to stop hurting and controlling one another. Suffering is a teaching tool only, but inevitable until we abandon ego and all the fears it uses to trick us into being selfishly possessive of our physical mortality. Our immortality is the big player behind the scenes. On an individual basis, the countless delusions we cultivate represent a truly unthinkably massive archive of mental, emotional, and physical experience. Next to unconditional love, there is little the Divine appreciates more than experience.

Break and dissolve ourselves from that epidemic habit of separating from the innate perfection of the creation cycle, and we can still have a mental, emotional, and physical life in a state commonly referred to as Heaven. We can then, in a state of health and abundance, see, hear, smell, taste, feel, and continue to function in what would seem like a parallel universe without all the angst. We are then part of divine Action, rather than mortal Reaction. The difference is powerfully sublime. It’s all around – and within – us anyhow. Then we we don’t need to know much, because all information is already in us.

Those who appear to be more blessed or more lucky, are neither. They are people like you and me who are simply more tuned out of ego, and into the liberating nature of what has give us our Oneness. And using more of their “junk DNA.”

More Orbs and Apparitions


Here are a few more of the thousands of digital photos I took at night while I lived at EdenLight Garden. Just a flash camera pointed at the sky.  The trees and copper eagle on top of the gazebo I lived in are ‘real’. The rest is open to interpretation, but no photos were altered in any way.

I Miss My Chickens


Part of my joy at EdenLight Garden was the mixed flock of chickens, many of which were born there. On my sixth birthday in Ohio I received 6 Rhode Island Reds and 6 White Plymouth Rocks. I felt like the luckiest kid in the world. In the Peace Corps in Togo, West Africa, I taught school children garden and chicken raising. I don’t doubt that cuddling little chicks and caring for chickens of all ages helped open my heart. I am currently chickenless, except for those in the EdenWold Trilogy, who were all inspired by real EdenLight characters.

We Can Only See What We Already Believe


My favorite photograph of the Rainbow Goddess EdenLight. I knew I was being granted a rare gift via my camera with flash at 1:30 am over the chicken coop.

There are endless ways of seeing nature, though many folks only see some of it on television. The naturalist wants to know the names and habits of all the earth expressions and life forms. Within this realm are color, texture, sound, smell, taste, temperature, vagaries of weather, day and night, and seasons. All manifest from the prime elements of earth, air, fire, and water.

Then there is walking, running, sitting, lying down, riding something or being with other humans or pets. Or with some kind of headset on to tune all that out.

Or we can find a little retreat on a rock, in a tree, the edge of the ocean, close our eyes, breathe in a lot of prana, and then see and hear – and more importantly, Feel – where this expression of infinite divine creativity lives.

(How could such an inventive Creator have left out humming birds, poison oak, headsets, or comfortable shoes?)

And then sometimes when we open our eyes, we see beyond our learned and practiced limitations, past that veil of fear and prejudice, and see much further into the twelve lower heavens than the third dimension was designed to allow. Sometimes, through ways I can’t begin to understand, a camera will capture something the eye didn’t yet believe. An opportunity both given and received.

Since all reality is belief based, what exactly has placed the limitations on what we accept as truth? I’m good with thinking its been an immense cooperative effort.