The Mallow family contains a number of both beautiful and useful plants, including Cacao, Okra, Cotton, Abutilon, and Hibiscus.

Here in Novato, in Northern California, it’s possible to grow Hibiscus in bright somewhat sheltered situations such as against south walls under eaves.

The following photos were taken walking around several blocks in a neighborhood in Laguna Beach, Orange County, California, while down there for a family wedding last week.



This last one had an infestation of whitefly with interesting webbing.


The Funnel of Humanity

If you are familiar with funnels, you understand there is a wide opening at the top which allows a larger volume of material to be directed and focused, or funneled, through a much narrower portion at the bottom.

Earth is such a funnel.

With a lot of operating parts in Multiple Dimensions, or frequencies.    To have the kind of experiences required here, we have an amazingly perfect juxtaposition of planetary mass, gravity, temperatures, sunlight, starlight, moon, water, a periodic table of elements, and divine intent to support diverse biological “life”.   It is why we are ABLE to “physically” come here.

We are made up genetically of about 250 different humanoid races, which contributes greatly to our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, creative and temperamental diversity.    It has been divinely constructed so that all these nearly infinite attributes can interbreed and learn to live harmonically.    At least that was the purpose.    We are, though, one “race” in terms of being able to reproduce and incarnate as a similar life form.    In the final analysis we are all one to Begin with.

As all aspects of creation, “physical” or not,  are expressions of One “thing”, we are part of a hugely significant experience here – even when we are lost in our personal preoccupations with survival.    And what color shoes to wear.   We have all too often fallen for the mind-driven, ego-driven insecurity that survival must be difficult.    Or that death is a final ending.   I am no exception.   There have been ample efforts to encourage that distracting myth.    It’s ALL myth.

So we are funneled here to create the greatest of myths, and are always surrounded by “alien” aspects of ourselves who aren’t currently in the funnel.    Many of these “aliens” we have come to know as ascended masters, for they remain just backstage ever supporting, encouraging, and prompting those willing to feel and listen to their truth.

Forgetting what a multidimensional universe it is is easy when we believe our physicality is some kind of absolute fact.    There is more space between the current arrangement of our atoms than there are atoms.   How and why these atoms coalesce as they do is part of a quantum “miracle.”   Miracle is just a word for things we don’t understand yet.   Or exactly what the components of an atom come from.

There is a Galactic Federation of spacecraft made of millions of vessels that can wink in and out of the third dimension, but generally don’t.    In a way they are our nurses, and foremost our protectors.   Protecting us from forces we don’t even know about, because we have plenty to deal with right here.     The UFO’s that we do see here are not all from the same universe, but they DO know this a funnel, and tend to bring us more positive than negative input.    Of course, this being a universe of infinite possibility, there are exceptions.     At some point when we are prepared to not be freaked out by what IS, they shall appear in huge numbers to help take us “home.”

The head of the federation fleet is a being named Ashtar, which is a title and responsibility which has been passed along for aeons.    Ashtar works in union with Sananda, as divine a being as one might imagine, who here in the funnel is best known as Jeshua ben Josef,  Jesu, or Jesus.   Many of the discarnates who we perceive as aliens, or orbs, or flashes of light and insight, are little different than us here in the funnel, and take great interest in our evolving.    They know better than most us that we are all the same.    Being scared of “aliens” is kind of like being scared of your own shadow.     As long as we are not fully awakened yet, the entire Cosmos remains waiting in some kind of diminished frequency.

Maybe think of Earth as a funnel atop a huge still.    Because this still has been cooking away for so long, many of us are already the finished product, who know they must remain in the brew until it is … all distilled.    There are more Bodhisattva – those who have awakened and pledged to remain with and among us until all of humanity awakens – than you might imagine.    They exist both in the flesh as well as the angelic frequencies we generally don’t perceive.

Skol, Salud, Cheers, Namaste.   We have come so far that already there are those “toasting” our achievements on space ships and outlying aspects of Eden all over the multiverse.


This theme has been in my life forever.

The word “Eden” took on new dimensions when my magic garden, at age 21, informed me:  “I am Edenlight.”    That sounded promising: The light of Eden.    So, going Back to the Garden of Eden was not necessary.    It was always here.

It wasn’t until Jan. 1, 2013, at 1:30 am, that I took my life altering series of photographs in the night sky over the chicken coop:   Seven images of a full color Rainbow Being morphing in every detail, surrounded by an entourage of orbs, spirals, and other attendants who I had no way to identify.

It was by no means instantly that I understood Edenlight to be the daughter of Iris, Goddess of both Peace and the Rainbow, as well as the garden’s very essence.  Or that she is in every way as divine and magical a Consciousness as most of the other misunderstood aspects of Higher Purpose.    Friends of mine have used her help in healing.    No less interestingly, she addresses me as Father.     Perhaps I am, for the garden was certainly born in a state of creative passion.    That is no small lesson in itself.

Now that the garden is being resurrected at the Indian Valley campus of The College of Marin, I find her more comforting than ever.    I am daily given affirmations and confirmations from nature, both within the new venue and everywhere in the natural world, that certain Spirits are most pleased.    My visits from owls, butterflies, birds, lizards, insects, and flowers that never bloomed for me before are constant.   My ‘pet’ woodrat, Neo, and now a little mouse I’ve named Mouse, visit me in the writing tree in the woods at night.    It took a while to get used to Neo’s little feet walking around on my legs as I sit within the core of the 15 trunk Bay tree named Eudora.

Iris inspired me to write a novel, “EdenWold” (World of Eden), back in 2011-2012.   I began its re-edit last fall after the grueling eviction from the land I’d rented for 27 years.    “EdenWold” has become a trilogy, and is still fleshing out with new characters, adventures and insights.    The expedition of Dragon and friends has just encountered their second community of humans on the New Earth: a village by a lake named Littlesisterwater, full of Native Americans;  some of them familiar.    They are currently in the middle of an impromptu pow-wow I’m attempting to chronicle properly.

It is great fun multidimensionally,  and as I like to repeat Gabriel’s favorite greeting: “I am outrageously blessed.”

Perhaps my fondest purpose of reacquainting and reuniting us all with the spirit of Eden is not lost in the Earthly illusion from which we have all suffered for so long.

Remember, and think (without Thinking with the brain), what I consider Gabriel’s greatest teaching:  ALL reality is belief based.    I’m pretty sure this requires thinking with our God brain: the heart.    We must welcome Ourselves back to Eden.

Planet Earth – Gaia – is preparing to ascend to the Fifth Dimension, what we call heaven.    She is going to move closer to the edge of The Milky Way galaxy.   We in our Third Dimensional bodies can awaken and be in the 5th while still here, making our personal ascensions all the sweeter.    Or we can remain on the life and death treadmill on Old Earth, where the arrogant manipulate the humble,  by continuing our preoccupation with selfish choices.     It doesn’t seem like much a of choice, as the choice is free.    It has always truly been an available choice.

Okay, not an easy one if we think the body is real, rather than a miraculous tool.

Fortunately there are many among us, and there always have been, who fully understand this, and incarnate to hold that energy for all of us.   We have usually killed them out of fear,  prompted by the dark ancient agendas that fully understand illusion,  and will lose a lot of free power when we awaken.   But that era has passed, and it is very worth knowing and getting excited about!

And, yes, the chaos while timelines are intersecting is heightened.    There is still a powerful force using money as their God of control.    It will still be with us a while until our opening consciousness reaches a critical mass.     It’s not a test, but qualifies currently as the greatest challenge in the multiverse.

When We attain the Fifth Dimension collectively, the “ripple effect” of that truly cosmic achievement shall liberate those in all universes.    Earth is no piddling experiment in what the nature of creation and existence can be all about.

Eden cannot support the kind of conflicting energies that have been our nursery school in understanding what a “solid” reality experience (life as we know it).

I doubt that many of us will miss that part.

But we have to continue to do the work of understanding we are just energy organized into forms that reflect our consciousness.    This we do with the heart-mind, which has always had the ability to perceive, and even live, in Heaven on Earth.


The Evolution of God

If you are reading this you are participating in the evolution of God.

If you are not reading this, the sentence ends the same way.

God, who is not a person in our typically limited sense, but rather an essence with a purpose, is part of everything.   It’s me, it’s you, and anything else we might think of.   Especially if we’re Not thinking.    I am not equipped to fully describe or express this mind boggling quantum truth.

It has been pointed out by brighter bulbs in the Christmas tree than me that time is an illusion.    Past, present, and future co-exist about as easily as people do: sometimes contentiously and confusingly.    We are not very good yet at incorporating more than a single detail at a ‘time’ of our self preoccupation on our timeline.    Most of us have heard something of karma and the law of attraction.    Or that nothing is solid because everything is just energy with more empty space than atoms.    Or that all reality is purely belief based; our true thoughts, conscious or subconscious, based on experiences in this and previous lives, are what construct our personal – and collective – situation right now.

I have taken digital pictures in the night sky (see older blog posts from 2017)  that contain thousands of multicolored points of light gathered around places of sacred intent.  I believe they were attracted to intentions on Earth that reflect their own collectively evolved purpose.  Generically these lights of individual consciousness are called orbs.   Each finely detailed little donut, circle, triangle, or streak of light is “someone” not much different than you or me.   They just don’t have the benefits or limitations of being in our kind of body at the moment.    There have been times I felt I was just seeing another aspect of myself.   I have seen in different photos repetitions of the same ‘orb’ that I felt were Jeshua, Buddha, and other ascended ones.    That was just the orbs.   More exciting  are the pile of photos showing more detailed forms and faces; including unicorns, several of Kwan Yin, Jeshua, two of Thor, one of Odin, one of Einstein, Ashtar, dragons, and countless angels, aliens, dolphins and whales.   Pictures capturing from the night sky countless light expressions of consciousness  overlaying the normally perceived three dimensional starscape.   To both feel and see these beings in more than one dimension is part of what our own evolution is all about.    Charles Darwin had evolution figured out perfectly, but only in one dimension, (the ‘physical’ one) and as brilliant as he was, he was somewhat handicapped by religious fears.    The word ‘sin’ has truly taken its toll.   Many of us have been so hampered for thousands of years by the same extremely powerful old fear of God crap, when all we have been taught to fear is our own divine potential to evolve.   In doing so, we are human, alien, divine, mundane – whatever it takes.    Life ( as good a name for God as anything, except for ‘love’) expresses in more ways than we have the equipment to detect and measure.

Take all these words: consciousness, matter, energy, multidimensional, quantum, infinite, fractal, sacred, interconnected, life, death, eternity, mortal, immortal, beauty, sound, color, smell, taste, texture, emotion, creation, art, poetry, dance, physics, yin and yang, metaphysics, health, love…..not to mention billions of galaxies with trillions of stars and million of habitable planets, and you still only have suggestions of what God is.   You could probably say that is just the limited view.    Never mind the very specific magic that happens when new life is conceived and that God aspect we call our soul enters that brand new body to continue the experience…

It is unlikely that God fears that we will not rise above our own learned and accepted limitations .   Mutations and extinctions happen continuously.     We can focus on that or Not.    Even our galaxy is already dying, though there are approximately five billion years left before it is merged with Andromeda.

The dictionary cannot hold all the details that make up the ‘God’ who has been erroneously described as a wrathful judge.  Even the folks who made up that phenomenally historically influential lie are aspects of God.   Unfortunately their purpose was only to allow as few people as possible to know, cherish, and take full advantage of the ‘God’ power we each are made of.    Their fear based agenda has been to keep more of this limitless power to ‘themselves’ – and has been pretty effective so far.   Full divine liberation and magical abilities are in every cell of our biology.   To realize and benefit from this is a choice of belief and focus:  and very much the evolution of God.

If you could even attempt to count all of just the humans who exist, and who ever existed, including those who have reincarnated thousands of times each (and yet still exist as individual points of timeless experience, which is why we can talk with ‘past’ aspects of ourselves), and those  here now who have returned from the future to assist us through these extraordinary times,  that too is but a tiny piece of the evolution of God.    Namaste.



Guides Along the Path


I came upon this little green monk praying in the middle of the trail atop the Deer Island Preserve last evening.     She was kind enough to share that her essence embraces peace and mindfulness.    Whereas the grasshopper I encountered in almost the same place several days earlier encourages moving forward with great leaps of faith, the mantis favors thoughtful calculation as we proceed through the world chaos that will be with us for a while yet.     To be successful, it is likely that a combination of both approaches is required.   She rode along on my sleeve for about a quarter mile to make sure I wasn’t lost.


boulder Opal Specimen by Dieter Rosenkranz Australia.jpg

Outstanding Rough Opal From Oregon, United States..jpg

Opal is SiO2 – Silcon dioxide , better known as quartz.  It’s molecules are uniquely spherical and the various microscopic diameters with water molecules trapped between them create the different colors.  Any way you look at it… what are the odds of such beauty being entirely random?

Choosing Realities

We can either choose a reality -or allow someone else’s to choose us.

From the immeasurably rich Petri dish of Love, or its opposite: Fear, we construct our entire reality (including the physical things we think we have no control over), from our memories (conscious or not), and their attendant judgements.

Though we are all manifestations of One creation, we most certainly do not all share the same Perceived reality.

Realities are personal things acquired along multi-path, multi incarnation life experiences.

Love is everything, as it started and remains within everything – even those things that are afraid for not seeing it.

Each of our universes (our personal realities) are a perfect multidimensional projection of our truest beliefs whether they be sacred or not.

Choosing joy over misery generally produces nice results that angst driven minds wouldn’t even notice.

The more rules and restrictions we attempt to insert into how the heart-mind alliance works in creating reality – especially those that pretend to be of “religious” significance — the more chaotic will be the results.    Such roadblocks have a strong tendency to make people want to drive off road.

Drive from the mind and fear, and there is a good chance of driving into what may seem like endless pits.    Drive from the heart and love and you will discover roadside attractions long ago dreamed up by the angels.


It recently came to my attention that the word “spelling” comes from the word “spell”, as in “cast a spell.”   All words and sounds (and numbers) carry a vibratory power or message.   Even in the exact arrangement of the letters – or numbers.

Being a poor speller doesn’t make you less of a creator – perhaps only a little less skilled or focused.

What might be the subtle difference between “I love you” and “I live you.”?

Or “sun” and “son”.

When you consider that everything is really part of One thing, it is the mind’s perception of the infinite possible details of variation that constructs what we experience as a “reality”.

We could play with the word “real” all day long, and in the end still only have what we believe.