Other Dimensional Expressions


P1340942P1380557P1340913P1410421P1390645P1350360P1410095P1400343P1360629All of these photos are unmodified digital images of orbs, ectoplasm, and wavelengths of conscious light I’m quite sure I don’t understand at all. Some of the beings we think of as aliens live within some of these paradigms that are now bleeding through more freely than ever before. All were taken over Edenlight’s gazebo, where they are used to finding me.

It is our destiny to one day travel as freely inter dimensionally as any of these light/ life forms.


Common Ground

When people of diverse religious or cultural backgrounds come together on common ground, something happens that transcends the sum of the parts.

What is Common Ground?

It is a highly spiritually nutrient rich Petri dish of mutual respect, respect for ALL creation, self respect, and all the other things which reflect a Multiverse created in Love.

Common Ground is by nature one built of diversity.

IMG_1819 Of course Love is the premier penicillin for all perceived challenges.

Let’s forget exclusivity, separateness, judgement, self doubt, and all the other related illusions which feed upon that highly vulnerable mentality lost in “SELF”.

When we begin radiating our already present Divinity,  this timeless problem will run out of time!

I would say: Don’t be chicken, but that would be unfair to chickens. If you can spoil something with love, you might say it happened to this flock of feather pods.

Edenlight, The Magic Garden, Loves Her Flowers, (possibly more than me?)


Seedling volunteer from Kelly’s Gold Box Elder (Acer negundo). It is a beautiful bright and compact selection. A true child of Edenlight. a very golden Maple.


Magnolia liliflora: Source of the purple color in most hybrid Magnolias


Acer palmatum, “Beni Fushigi” Japanese Maple


Paeonia suffruticosa, “Moutan” – Chinese Mountain Tree Peony


Acer palmatum, “Kinran”. Japanese Maple


Melianthus major; Honeybush. It creates a dark sticky nectar that tastes just like molasses. I spit it out because I have yet to see a hummingbird visit this flower.


Kniphofia uvaria,  Red Hot Poker. On the street by the front gate.


Coyote Mint


Flowers of the Weeping Camperdown Elm,  (Scottish Elm) Ulmus glabra


Syringa x “Sensation”,  Hybrid Lilac with white picotee edging.


Sarracenia flava,  one of our native East Coast Pitcher Plants. every aspect of this carnivore is exotically beautiful.


The original paradigm in which humanity was created was one of GETTING. This is deeply entrenched in our collective psyche. It ties directly to that “problem” of WANTING, which is our reaction to not understanding that it has all already been given. As we awaken out of that ancient instructive dream, and rise within OUR OWN divinity ( which has already been given, though we may feel we have paid a great price for it) we  will recognize we can relax the old Getting vibration, and trade it in for the far more comfortable new paradigm state of HAVING all that is needed. There is no sacrifice , no limitation, in this gift, which can be received through absolutely any open heart portal. We all possess one. It is the core of our naturally radiant state. It just can’t be opened with the obsolete mind that still only recognizes the tired dream of fearing lack.


This funnel web spider lives on the brick corner column of the gazebo about  two feet from where my left ear spends a lot of time. It lacks for nothing, yet reacts very quickly when the universe puts a struggling insect anywhere on the outer web work. I have intervened more than once when one of my moth or crane fly friends ends up there.  This steadfastly patient little weaver is about an inch long total.


P1420238P1410185 (1)It’s amazing how virtually anything can be ruined once there is  a “market” for it.

Fortunately this has not happened yet with either dandelions or unconditional love. One no one seems to want ,( although I’m not sure why because it is one of the most intelligent plants on Earth); and the other is beyond price.


I’m not sure what all this means, but I think it’s taking place on this planet…

Q & A

This post was inspired by a fairly common bumper sticker today that said: “War is not the answer.” Not being sure what the question was, I propose these offerings:

If life were somehow a question,  war is  most certainly not the answer.

Nor greed.

Nor selfishness.

Nor any sense of separation from Source, whatsoever.

Separation has been removed along with the old dream; the old paradigm.

Many haven’t noticed this yet as they cling to the old illusion of separation.

Though it isn’t one of mine;  perhaps if God’s love WERE a question;

Life itself would be a strong answer.

If the question were, “What is God?”

My answer is:  Raw (but Very Refined) love, You, Me, Life, and the sacred interconnection of All of it.

Until we refuse to be cogs in the ever turning wheels of the military industrial empire complex,  some of us will continue to believe that war is inevitable.  Any church that suggests it’s superiority,  or advocates killing those of a different belief,  is no less guilty of cosmic fraud.

Why do we allow the Dark Side to shape our beliefs?

It is for each one of us to discover that particular answer within our hearts.

Both of the following signs are in Edenlight’s Love Grounding Engine Portal.


Yin Heart: The Female half of Love.


The Yang, or masculine half of love. The blog format made it look larger.  It is not, as the Yin and Yang are inseparably equal. That duality is much of the foundation of our 3D experience.

We Are

We are as infinitely unique and valid as we are beloved by the maker. If we were to view one another with such respect, we would assume our divine place within Creation, and begin enjoying the Whole universe for a change. That is the only club worth belonging to. When we realize we are all charter members at The Source, the story of the return of the Prodigal Son will make sense to everyone on a grand scale.


Gathering of expectant orbs outside the gazebo. We must learn to appreciate all the consciousness around us that is not encumbered by our form of physicality. We must learn to appreciate ALL of the life forms that are not exactly the same as our limited experiences. Nature is a vast treasure trove of friends to us.

New Blooms


Rubus,  “Apache” Edible blackberry


Exchorda x “The Bride”


Yellow Lenten Rose,  Helleborus






Giant Buttercup, Ranunculus gigantea.  This variety self seeds and is Perennial.


Eomecon chionantha, Himalayan Snow Poppy from East China


Primrose Jasmine


Viburnum rhytidophyllum, Leather leaf Viburnum