Garden Light


This tall Salvia gesnerifolia (sage) is called Tequila, and is one of but many miscellaneous sages, fuchsias, and other tubular flowers which provide year round sustenance for the magical Hummingbirds abuzz in the garden.


Some of the light reaching the garden is sunlight reflected off the moon, then filtered through branches of trees and optic nerves.


Salvia involucrata x cv. “Mulberry Jam”


SPRING’S PROMISE: The tiny emerging buds of Syringa vulgaris – The Lilac

Though it may be in short evidence over much of the planet, Heaven is literally grounded to Earth at Edenlight. More promising, it is what we have truly awaited: Not only is Heaven grounded here, but The Heavens.

It is our divine destiny to freely traverse the 12 lower heavens like no advanced extra-terrestrial humans before us, or now. We have no idea of the diverse consciousness rooting for us. Edenlight is a vibrant deeply rooted grounding mode on an old Miwok worship site, and is linked with her uniquely diverse geo-cousins around the planet. The divine seed was brought to Earth about 104 thousand years ago from the Pleiades.

The 1.11 acre garden (a magical dimension itself), evolved like a very slow sand mandala, perhaps an oblong Kalachakra. Instead of grains of different colored sand,Edenlight is made from trees; now a green forest,a botanical garden, fire pit, Earth grid lines, shrines, altars, totems, vortices, portals, minerals, standing stones, music, a flock of chickens, and a magical healing energy.It is shaman’s spirit animal paradise. The late Ted Andrews loves it. Ascended ones are everywhere. Dolphin energy abounds. The hummingbirds have plenty of year – round nectar in the raw.

Unlike a sand mandala, these sacred components will not be washed away to disperse its blessings. Gaia is pleased here, for she knows she is revered both in and by this space, where she is Not being ravaged for selfish “gain”. Edenlight is a seed of something larger than mere hope.

One properly focused mind could properly achieve the same thing, although it would appear the Universe would like us ALL to wake up.




Five forms of Quartz.  Left to right: Polychrome Jasper, 2 Brazilian channeling Crystals, Lime green Opal, sun-faded Amethyst with Hematite (Iron) inclusions, and a piece of local light green Chert.Even the background Basalt is full of silicates.

Silicon dioxide, better known as Quartz, is the backbone of the Age which allows me to create this blog. I am typing this post in the town of Menlo Park, in a part of the world generally known as The Silicon Valley.

I have learned a lot about quartz, and its many forms of expression. I do have one nice crystal ball from Brazil. I have seen dolphins swimming in it. What many may not know, is that jasper, agate, carnelian, opal, granite, rose quartz, and much of the sand on the planet are SiO2. Opal is composed of tiny spherical helixes of SiO2 with H2O trapped between them. This combination creates all the rainbow colors and “fire’ of opal. This makes opal a “mineraloid”.

Better yet, quartz is conscious, intelligent, generally loving, and in many cases can be programmed. This is common ground for both physicists and meta physicists.

Quartz lives everywhere. On hikes with my brother in the Organ Mountains of southern New Mexico, I have collected bags full of tiny quartz crystals  brought to the surface by ants in nice donut shaped mounds with a tiny mine shaft in the middle. These crystals have already been programmed with a powerful community energy – something we could use more of to help us embrace our diversity.


If you want to improve upon your etheric – elemental synergy, to become more in touch with you natural heavenly qualities, meditation is useful. How you do this is personal. There are many schools of thought.

Peace and quiet help. Being in nature is grand. Practice may or may not make perfect. Do it long enough with a reverent focus and your life will become a walking meditation.We already walk with “God”, but it gets better when we know this by default, and begin manifesting happier realities. We are all Creators.

I have experimented with all kinds of thoughts and emotions while in meditation, and the most dramatic results have come while in a bakhti, or devotional, state. Emotionally loving and praising and thanking creation has given me many of the seminal experiences of my life. These have come as mystical revelations, periods of bliss,( God bless Joseph Campbell for suggesting we “follow our bliss”), and at the very least helpful diversions from more limiting mundane experiences.

Vortices and Portals


Though I have no way of being absolutely positive, it is my sense that such apparitions as this appear more readily because of Edenlight’s collection of vortices. The veil between dimensions is thinning for everyone, but that process is accelerated here.

For whatever reason, just as when I felt my Peridot Chakra wink open, I have a similar sense or knowingness when I open a portal or a vortex. What is the difference?

This is a great question. Such magical windows on the etheric dimensions occur in sweet spots naturally all over the planet. People often flock to them. Edenlight already had a lovely yin, or female, vortex in place when I arrived. Native Americans had been doing  sacred ritual and prayer at the same spot as my fire pit for thousands of years. It is no coincidence that the area the garden is in is known as Indian Valley.

What is the difference between a vortex and a portal? Here I’m kind of flying solo.

Most vortexes, such as those in Sedona, Arizona, which I have visited half a dozen times, are either yin, or yang (male). Generally the yin places give a counterclockwise uplifting feeling. The yang energy is a clockwise ” screwing into the ground’ effect.The first time I superimposed these 2 energies, I opened a portal. In Sedona, actually.

I have done the same thing, as guided, at Edenlight. Though I wasn’t aware that I was doing so, I had somehow put all the divine feminine shrines at one half of the garden, and the masculine shrines at the other. This makes it rather clear to sensitives ( more people are than realize it), which end is which. Of course the various faces help as well. The result is if you stand in the center portal which sits atop intersecting earth grid lines, relax, and pay attention, you can feel these supporting energies .It is not unusual for healing to occur.




This is ectoplasm. Jewel immediately saw it as an angelic harpist. Who am I to argue? The angel is on the left.

Singing? Absolutely. We have each been given an amazing musical instrument: our voice.

Sitting on a park bench in the garden one day, next to my friend Jewel Shield,  who was playing a small folk harp, I began singing the words of a poem on a small sign in front of us. She looked over and said: “Do that again.”

Once you start, new worlds are opened. Every sound has a color, and every color a sound. Sound is beautiful alchemy. In a bakhti state I have sung myself several times to the 14th dimension, and once to the 17th. Both are completely blissful paradigms; the 17th had more creative energies permeating it.

This awareness led me to construct a small stage under a huge Monterey Pine named Joy, with an amphitheater of large logs for seats. We have had half a dozen sound events here with harp, voice, zither, flutes, crystal, and Tibetan brass bowls or bells. People have reported a sense of floating above their seats.

My most unique bakhti singing experience was deep in the woods. After perhaps 5 or 10 minutes of intense devotional emotive sound, I found  myself surrounded by translucent floating bubbles of light.These were not the same as the orbs I find in my photographs, but delightful. It was dusk, when the veil between dimensions is thin, and when the bubbles of light faded, on the forest floor before me began to appear patches of soft white “fairy light’ kind of like luminous lily pads.

On one night hike (not singing), I turned off my head lamp and was guided down the dark twisting trail with neatly placed patches of similar light. I haven’t yet developed the confidence to do this on a regular basis.

The Minerals


Fluorite octahedrons sitting on Amethyst


Clockwise from bottom left:Green Calcite, Serafinite, Lapis Lazuli, and Azurite. Peeking from the back are 2 colors of blue Andara. All are set atop a column of Chinese Granite, this one mostly Quartz and Orthoclase.

As a child I collected everything. I had troves of pinecones, fossils, sea shells, feathers, rocks, bones, and an herbarium with thousands of mounted dried plant specimens.

All I knew about rocks was that I liked them. Geology and chemistry hadn’t taken hold yet.As important to appreciating minerals as that is, there was one more quality that kicked in: Mysticism.

Every rock, in fact every living thing on this planet has a unique vibration. shamans, crystal healers, and lots of regular folks are able to feel these distinctions. Discovering this  rich aspect of the world around me, I felt a bit like a blind dog in a meat house. I sought out and collected and used Earth magic from all over the World, often guided by little more than my internal rainbow.


The heavily bejeweled cap of a SELENITE crystal, with gold filled wire. Classic healing wands are made from selenite. This only took a few months. I bought the selenite from the late Benny Fenn. It was laying out in his rock yard in Las Cruces,New Mexico. He looked at it and said $2.00. The long base of it he had sliced into  wands.

Art in the Garden


The first art at Edenlight, long before she revealed her name, was a fairly simple circle of stones, none very large, in the far corner. Being a landscape contractor, I had better than average access to different kinds of rock. I was soon having visions of standing rocks and began acting upon them. This led to diamond blade angle grinders, and eventually Dremels and countless diamond bits that I generally didn’t use enough water with to extend their life. Eventually tons of minerals from our Earth were arranged in a one acre mandala grid, many decorated and inlaid with precious and semi-precious gems. Many pieces took 3 or 4 months each to complete.

Although much of my education was in art and design, sculpting had not been part of my training. It came of necessity, and I was frequently pleased to have techniques and skills appear not previously used in this life.




Mysticism: Sweet Talk


Orbs in front of the creosote varnished ceiling of the gazebo where much inspiration continues to arrive.  I don’t mean the ceiling. The gazebo sits atop the longitudinal Earth grid line of Edenlight. Thoreau spent 2 years, 2 months , and 2 days in his cabin upon Walden Pond. Though I have a perfectly good house 10 minutes away, much of my contemplative, as well as worldly time, over the past 25 years has been spent here. The twilight hours are just as magical as advertised.

So if I am a mystic, what does that mean? This is an ongoing learning.

Mysticism is only possible because Source energy remains and sustains in All things, whether plant, animal, mineral, human, alien, or anything you can (or can’t) think of.

Walking past a tree years ago with Mirra, she pointed to it and said,” You can talk with this tree if you choose.” I believed her, because I had a bit of experience already talking with plants, but not the confidence to do so on demand.

By removing that prophylactic which is nothing more than a bloated sense of self being something separate from God, its quite wonderful what the universe has to offer.

My first profound dialogue with something not human (Many of which talks are not profound at all) was with a sugar cane plant. Appropriately it came in a sweet female voice. Some years earlier I had been given a 5 gal. plant which I had put into a 15 gal. black nursery container, but had never found particularly vigorous or tasty. A Savadoreno friend said I must plant it in the ground, in the sun, in good soil, with plenty of water. Of course I should have already thought of that.

So I cut the plant in half, putting half in a special bed of all the best ingredients of soil, compost, worm castings, and  fossil sea kelp, with a circle of basalt fieldstones around it.The other half I split and planted in 2 more 15 gal. pots.

Finished with my work, I stood back and rhetorically asked:”How do you like that?”To my sublime shock, I was answered “vocally” in my head: “I like it very much. Thank you”. Not wanting this new experience to end, I then asked:”Is there anything else I can do for you?” “Yes, please put my babies over there behind me.”    “Over there” is where I had placed the two 1/4 sized plants.  “Behind me” was a bamboo collection. Sugar cane and bamboo are grasses. It seemed like a good place ( also because there was room there).

“I will be happy to. Is the bamboo happy?” (Kind of grabbing at straws now.)

“The bamboo is very happy.”

“You can speak for the bamboo too?”

“Yes, dear, I can speak for the bamboo too.”

And there it ended, but not before fully capturing my attention.

Perhaps needless to say, The cane flourished, producing sweet juicy stalks.




Being Guided

About 15 years ago, Bonnie Gray, wife of John (of Venus/Mars fame) arrived at the garden (yet nameless) with a gifted channeler named Mirra Rose. I subsequently had 3 sessions with Mirra answering life’s questions. During the first and most revealing dialogue with Spirit, I immediately started asking ego- based questions about past lives, and alien experiences from childhood. I felt somewhat rebuffed when the first answer was a rather parently: “We do not believe you are receiving the energies we are sending you.”

Pushing my inner reset button, I changed tack: “OK, what is my relationship with Jesus Christ?”    “Jesus Christ is guiding you.” I didn’t really already know this.

Next question, getting right to the real point;  “What is the difference between me and Jesus?”         Answer: “Nothing.”   That not being very informative by itself, Spirit continued: ” However, Jesus is One who fully understands his Oneness with The Father, and you would do well to do the same.”

A few years later, during time of deep depression, I was walking in the back gate of the garden after work one evening, head hanging, body language droopy, and unaware that the next day I would receive a bill from the IRS for $5K, that I didn’t have. The angst was a soup of financial, marital, and other dimensional influences I didn’t understand at all. About one step into the garden, I clearly heard in my head: “You are going to be just fine.” Click. Another few steps and: ” I will take care of you”. Eyes misting up, I took one more step: “I am with you always.”

I clearly needed that right then. I laid face down on the ground and sobbed. Nothing can ever take this away.

If Jesus is my primary teacher, so follows all of nature.  “Split a piece of wood and I am there.” I get that now.   The whole universe – every molecule – resonates with Source love and consciousness. This may appear to us as infinite iterations of the Divine.


More About the Photos


Fetus of the new universe. All dots of light are individual orbs; not stars in the background.


One of my few daytime orbs ( by the chimney). I assume it to be some kind of statement about the sky full of disgusting chemtrails. This is not at Edenlight.

I was already in love with photographing the natural world when I got my first orb photos on a night hike on the trails above Indian Valley. Reviewing half a dozen shots I had taken of an especially fetching live oak branch, I nearly deleted the ones with pesky spots on them. Curious, I enlarged the pictures in the viewer to find the spots were all orderly little donuts of light with varying colors and details. Since that night I doubt that I have fewer than 50 thousand digital photographs of orbs and different forms of ectoplasm.

I have orbs with smiley faces, mandarin characters, bites taken out , with craters, and in every imaginable color. There is rarely just one orb, and occasionally a blizzard of them so thick that’s all there is. Several times they have all been pink, though pink orbs are more commonly associated with swimming underwater, especially with dolphins. (Underwater camera required). ,After several years of orbs I began receiving pictures of recognizable things or beings, sometimes in full color. Much more common, and often but not always taken in the presence of wood smoke, are the energy apparitions which don’t quite match any known life form, but are fascinatingly beautiful. They may appear as blue or white light, and sometimes in a granular multi – colored ectoplasm, and others as smooth as though air – brushed.

While I have friends who take photos of amazing apparitions in daylight, with the exception of a few bright orbs, my pictures are all night shots, generally aiming for as much open sky as the growing mini forest of Edenlight allows.


Your guess is as good as mine. jan.2017, in the sky over the gazebo.


A feline E. T.?