This 3RD dimensional world is largely experienced with our five physical senses, and I would add a sixth sense that is exclusively sensual.  This is something that sex itself may be devoid of when selfishly indulged in. Sensuality is more of an overriding aspect of the creative process; all creation, which incorporates all senses.  This conflicts in no way with the common belief that Heaven ( a frequency concurrent with the 3RD dimension) is 5th and 6th dimensional – the closest frontier to the Etheric realm.  We tend to live in the Elemental realm, though our three lower chakras are elemental, our heart ties it all together, and our upper three chakras are etheric.  A perfectly integrated design for having a meaningful experience with Source.

This is all leading up to one point:  We may sensually access anything that exists via any one, any combination of, or all five of the physical senses. Not just the second chakra, which in itself contains the entire spectrum of creative and procreative possibilities.

The very word sensual translates as all senses. The general perception of a sixth sense as meaning psychic or intuitive also does not conflict with the idea that sensuality incorporates All of these things. The Archangels for instance, though androgynous, and without physicality, have a sensual capacity generated by love, compassion, and empathy.

To be kinesthetic is to have enhanced neural interplay between the five senses. Artists and poets are about eight times more kinesthetic than the general population which has a more survival based sensuality.  Kinesthesia is a marriage of metaphor and imagery.  This is the beating heart of “sensual”.

We can sense with either fear, which severely limits us, or love, which is entirely liberating. Most of us live a chaotic blend of the two.  Sensual visceral fear is not my idea of fun, as I have not experienced it only hypothetically.

One of my favorite quotes is from when George Washington Carver was asked how he knew the things he was able to invent with plant based products, (most famously, the peanut).  He replied, ” I learn what I know by watching and loving everything”. To me this is advanced sensuality.  It is rich with compassion and empathy.  People closed off by fears and judgements are going to miss out on this.

The idea of attachment is something The Buddha pretty much nailed. It would be hard to think of a fear that didn’t involve losing Something either real or perceived.  We are generally amazed at what we can survive once we’ve been through hell on Earth at least once.  At that time one experiences sensual fear, even if it didn’t involve physical torture of some sort.

Being human has gifts still buried within us.  And they are not fully accessed by the 2nd, or any other, chakra, nor our finger tips.  Without a comfortable interface with the One creative sense which made any of this discussion possible, looking through the eyes of our Heart,  it is possible to be vibrantly blind, ear-ringingly deaf, and reactively dumb.  The Great Central Sun would have to have a good shot at most sensual place ever.


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