Granular and wispy ectoplasm, with a few orbs.


A nice melange of ectoplasm and orbs. I don’t read any specific message here; only that the universe is happy that someone is paying attention. Happiness ensues. The bluish light is actual smoke.

The particles of light which are digitally captured by my Panasonic Lumix camera are still somewhat of a mystery. These things all of my photos of apparitions and interesting energetic forms have in common: I take them at night with the flash. Any odd setting or zoom doesn’t work. My I- phone with flash won’t work. I get blurry stuff not worth looking at. Having a bit of smoke in the air helps, but the images do not reflect the smoke patterns my eye sees.  As I’ve said elsewhere, the most amazing photos were taken in a clear night sky. The camera has occasionally turned my breath into something more distinctive.  Some nights  the results are insipid and not interesting. Those photos are deleted.

The following and above  photos are not necessarily the most fascinating, but are representational of what I get on most nights, except in the rain…which is bad for the camera.


This is a sky full of orbs.  That is a whopping bunch of consciousness.


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